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Enhance specific details in photo without undesirable effects
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Topaz Labs, LLC.

Topaz Detail is part of a collection of Photoshop plugins. It is particularly intended to emphasize the details in a photograph without affecting its quality. Thus, it can be used to correct certain elements in a picture or achieve other effects. This plugin has a very intuitive interface that works independently from that of the host program. Moreover, it looks and works quite similarly to other plugins from the same family; so, if you have some experience with any of them, you will probably be able to start working without much effort. Fortunately, there is also excellent accompanying help documentation.

The workspace is divided into three panels. The first of them hosts collections of presets you can use instead of trying to do the job manually. Yet, it is also possible to the use the third of these panels if you want more personalized results. Finally, the panel in the middle is where the picture you are working with is shown. In this respect, there are two visualizing modes: single preview and before/after preview. This way, you can easily toggle between them according to your purposes at a specific time.

It is great that, instead of simply enhancing the edges of the objects in the photo, Topaz Detail can highlight specific details without creating undesirable side effects, such as halos. When tested, it definitely allowed me to improve the selected picture.

In general, Topaz Detail may be the solution if a photo you have taken looks plain and uninteresting. It lets you draw the attention of the viewers to specific elements in the image without affecting its overall quality. Unluckily, the product cannot be used without a host program like Photoshop, PhotoFXLab, Irfanview, Lightroom and Paint Shop Pro.

Pedro Castro
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  • Compatible with various programs
  • Enhances the details in a photo without affecting its quality
  • Various collections of presets
  • Customizable parameters
  • Two visualizing mode


  • Cannot work independently of a host program
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